5 Bluebeard Revenge products for Shaving Perfection

Are you winning the Shaving War? Get ready for the Shave of your Life.

Many men see shaving as a chore, especially if the daily battle leaves them a little worse for wear with cuts or nicks and nasty razor burn. On average, men spend about 3,000 hours (or 4 months) of their life trimming their facial hair. This is precisely why it is so important to lather up with quality products using the finest of grooming gear. Ensuring you achieve the cleanest and smoothest of shaves – Every Single Day.

The Bluebeard Battle Cry

The Bluebeard Revenge has declared war on men’s most common problem – that stubborn stubble that causes you to go into battle every morning. They believe supermarket products work only for the Bum-Fluff Brigade.

David Hildrew, the Bluebeard-in-Chief, real-life problem solver and all-around ‘Bluebeard’ designed this range for the ‘stubble despair’ real men are experiencing the world over.

This award-winning range boasts barbershop-quality shaving, and grooming gear specifically designed to tackle the toughest of grooming gripes. As well as styling products to tame the wildest of manly manes.

Choosing Your Weapon Of Choice

The Bluebeard Revenge brand continues to go from strength to strength and has become the grooming brand of choice for many due to its premium barbershop-quality range.

From iconic luxury Shaving Cream to Craftmanship Straight Razors, that would intrigue the loftiest of tribesmen, and everything in-between Bluebeard Revenge has you covered.

“Making your morning routine something to look forward to, and leaving you looking, smelling and feeling utterly irresistible every single time.”

Here are our Bluebeard Revenge 5 top picks:

  1. The Essential: The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream is designed to not only tackle razor rash and burn but is also designed to reduce the appearance of beard growth. This is fast becoming a favourite among our customers here at LavishMan.ie, with an almond-sized amount and a little water providing enough lather for loading your brush for at least two passes of the razor.
  1. The Alternative: If you prefer to apply a super slick solution to your face without a brush the Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Solution is an excellent choice. This premium quality shaving solution will moisturise and protect your skin during and after your shave. It contains the special ingredient Decelerine – a patented compound that serves to reduce the appearance of beard growth over time.
  1. For Starters: The Bluebeards Revenge Cut-throat Shavette features the distinctive Bluebeards logo on the handle. This stylish shavette provides a close shave, but with replaceable blades just like a safety razor. So you don’t have to worry about sharpening the blade on a strop.
  1. The Stylish: The Bluebeards Revenge Mach 3 Razor in White. A unique, stylish and contemporary Mach 3 razor designed especially for the modern man! Lightweight yet comfortably substantial with a solid grip.
  1. The Expert: The Gladius Straight Razor. Owing its name to the roman legions who carved their emperors a vast empire – this razor is one of the newest additions to the Bluebeard Straight Razor range. Distinctive, handsome and purposeful, the Gladius is a razor for the seasoned shaver. Its olivewood scales and Spanish point boasts a 6/8” stainless steel blade with a serrated tang. Each razor is completely unique, thanks to the grain pattern of its olivewood handle. This uniqueness is also personified with a serial number of authenticity signed by Ralf Aust (manufacturer) and David Hildrew – The Bluebeard in Chief himself.


These are our top picks from the Bluebeard range. If you want to say goodbye to redness and irritation, nasty nicks, cuts and bumps for good – the Bluebeard Revenge is an excellent choice.

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