Our Top 5 Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas

Get Him the Perfect Gift this Christmas


The Christmas Countdown is on which means you’ve probably started your search for presents that will delight your family and friends this Christmas. While shopping for your mum, and female friends can be exciting; shopping for the men in your life can sometimes prove rather difficult.

Like that one time you put so much time and effort into choosing a present, you thought your partner would love, only to see it gathering dust in the corner one year later. Or the time your Dad thanked you for your present but quickly moved on to your brother’s gift because ‘it was exactly what he wanted’.

This is the precise reason why buying him a grooming gift he will love this Christmas is a great idea.

Not only will he be intrigued by the gift, he will get almost daily use out of it; with the added bonus that he will be looking and smelling his best. He will no doubt be asking you where he can find the product once he runs out.

From straight razor starter kits to award-winning hair styling products and first-class shaving & beard products, check out Our Top 5 Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas.


Our Top 5 Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas


  1. Men Rock Straight Razor Starter Pack for Men | Lavish Man.ie

    The Straight Razor Starter Pack Men Rock For Men

    Men Rock Straight Razor Starter Pack – €54.25

For the adventure-seeking man; introduce him to the wet shave with this Men Rock Gift Boxed Starter Kit. This stylish kit harks back to the traditional era of shaving, where skill and precision were the order of the day.

Not only will he get the closest & smoothest of shaves, the luxury Sandalwood scented shaving cream provides a fabulous natural, woodland smell that will awaken both your senses.

Let him learn the skill of wet shaving with Men Rock’s Videos. Shop Now


  1. Dapper Dan Vintage Gift Box | Lavish Man.ie

    Dapper Dan Vintage Gift Box

    Dapper Dan Vintage Gift Box with 3 Tins – €80.00

For the stylish man who spends time in front of the mirror getting the slickest of hair styles. Dapper Dan’s handcrafted vintage box is the perfect gift. Voted ‘Styling Range of the Year’ in 2016, Dapper Dan’s 3 styling tins of Pomade, Matt Paste & Matt Clay creates the ultimate look.

The Dapper Dan range is for those who appreciate a professional slick look with no flakiness or greasiness. Not only will he be looking his best, he will be smelling of citrus & vanilla, vintage cologne, and soft vanilla. Shop Now





    Bluebeards Revenge ‘Privateer Collection’ Badger Shaving Brush – €41.99

For the luxurious man; the Bluebeards Revenge “Privateer Collection” is an exclusive set of contemporary shaving tools designed for comfort, visual impact & individuality.

The collection’s badger brush is unique, stylish and contemporary and comes with a clear acrylic Bluebeards drip stand – to correctly store the brush, and therefore increase the brush life.

Fashioned from high-grade resin, the Privateer Badger Brush requires expert craftsmanship where the material is turned from round rods and then polished. Shop Now



  1. Men Rock Beard Grooming Care Kit  

    Men Rock Beardy Beloved

    Men Rock Beard Grooming Care Gift Kit – €41.95

Unless he likes the Tom Hanks in Castaway au-natural look. This ace gift boxed beard kit contains everything a blade shunner needs to keep his beard in tip-top shape.

Anyone who’s ever spent time with someone who has a beard will know how often unsightly morsels of un-masticated food can inadvertently get stuck. So unless you want your husband, dad, boyfriend, brother or friend going around with globs of gravy or biscuit adorning their faces, this beard care kit is a great gift.

The Men Rock Beardy Beloved Giftset is everything they need for perfect whisker formation and comes gift boxed with a little pack of thank you Love Hearts as standard. Shop Now


Captain Fawcett's Shaving Brush, Razor and Shaving Soap Gift Set | Lavish Man.ie

Captain Fawcett’s Shaving Brush, Razor and Shaving Soap Gift Set

5. Captain Fawcett’s Shaving Brush, Razor, and Shaving Soap Gift Set – €125.00
For the refined gentleman in your life, this delightful Gift Set contains 3 of the Captain’s most desirable shaving requisites. The veritable cutting edge of the traditional wet shave is now available to all modern day adventurers!

Let him delight in the fresh top notes of Bergamot & Mandarin that yield to an exotic blend of Cardamon & Tonka bean, resplendent against a backdrop of Lavender and vanilla.

Captain Fawcett is a simply delectable elite range of first class Gentleman’s grooming products. Shop Now



These are Lavish Man’s top 5 Gift Ideas for men this Christmas. So, whether you’re buying a gift for your father, husband, boyfriend, brother or friend we’ve got you covered. Check out more gift ideas at Lavish Man.ie.

Shop Now & find him the perfect gift this Christmas.

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